Care Review, Client: TD
My Support Worker is very good towards me, she is very good in her professional work very caring and supportive towards me, she reads things out to me she helps me with the paperwork.

Mark the support worker does not work with me but helps me in the kitchen she helps me with our laptop showing how to do this and she is very supportive towards me to use it, I have known our worker for 11 years she is very experienced in her work and she knows what she talks about and she is a very good carer.

Tracey, the company has got lots of good staff, I can talk to staff about things on my mind she tells me to talk to my Nurse about how I am feeling and helps me with my personal care and makes me smell nice with my Body shop stuff, it was nice that she pushed my new wheel chair around for the first time, I am glad that I came over to this Agency and I am very happy where it is based, as it is easier to pop in and see the office and meet people in the office.

I have a good sense of humor and laugh with my staff, my support worker helps us with the housework and also has a good sense of humor, she supports me to get my money out by showing me the arrows on the screen because I don't know how to do this.

I am so happy with the Mashdel services for people with learning disabilities and mental health, it is good to have feedback from a person who has learning disabilities.

Reviewer: Tricia M, RGN
I was impressed at the speed and ease at which my application for registration at Mashdel, Healthcare was processed. The staff we really friendly and supportive and kept me informed at every stage of the registration process.

Reviewer: Nick T, RMN
Very detailed and thorough registration process, which showed me the high standard of professionalism at this agency.

Reviewer: Nicole J, RGM
As a single mom I was worried about getting shifts to that worked around my childcare arrangements. The consultants at Mashdel were really understanding of my situation and were supportive in making sure I found regular work that suited my needs. I felt I wasn't disadvantaged as I have previously felt with other agencies.

Reviewer: Bev N, RGN
Love Mashdel healthcare I get lots of shifts coming through that suit are in my speciality, great benefits and training packages available to keep me up to date with regulations and last but most importantly I am getting paid great hourly rates!

Reviewer: Eva Thomas, RGM
Mashdel healthcare has been a dream come true for me as I want to make money, but I love to travel and see new places. This recruitment Agency has allowed me to do both. When I want I will pick shifts here in the U.K, and other times I need change and can work abroad, meet new people and explore new places. I especially love the placements in warmer places such as Spain, and all expenses are on their tab. Wonderful.

Reviewer: Krishna J, RGN
The multicultural makeup of the organisation was a big plus for me. It made me feel more at ease as an ethnic minority professional.

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